Itunes Trouble

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Itunes Trouble

My itunes seems to have two personalities. When I open my itunes some CD's show up. then other times I open my itunes there are CD's that show up from only previous downloads. in my music folder all of the songs i have ever put on my computer are there, but they do not show in my itunes library. please help!

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ok ... try this ... go into y

ok ... try this ... go into your music folder then into the iTunes folder (unless your music library is set to a different location) ... and drag the files "iTunes 4 Music Library" and "iTunes Music Library.xml" to the trash ... now open iTunes ... there should be no songs in it ... now drag the folder called "iTunes Music" to the browser panel and that should re-add all your songs ... you could also delete the files "" and "" from your preferences folder (~/Library/Preferences/) to reset the prefs aswell ... that may help ...

hopefully now all your tunes should be in the one window!!


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