Using A Samsung MiniDV camera with iMovie (OS X)

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Using A Samsung MiniDV camera with iMovie (OS X)

I've recently been very happy as I've finally theoretically gotten everything together that I need to film on location and edit daily clips, regardless of if I'm at my desktop or not. The problem being that my iBook is running OS X, using iMovie for simple editing. My video camera, a Samsung SCD71 NTSC MiniDV is not being recognized by iMovie, so I can't import clips from DV. I know that it works with iMovie 2.1, as I just finished testing that on OS 9.

I know that Apple broke a few compatibilities so far as importing goes when iMovie 3 came out, so I decided to just deal with it and bring iMovie 2 over to the iBook and run it in classic mode. I plugged my USB HDD into the OS 9 machine, dragged over iMovie 2.1, then disconnected and brought it to my iBook. When I looked at it there, it splits into a UNIX document and a resource fork.

I also tried emailing myself the program. It came out as a document, so I just resedited it into an application. No luck there. The icon shows up properly, and it looks like it's about to come on, but it never does. When 9 isn't started, it doesn't even make the call to start that.

So I'm asking two seperate questions here. One: is there a way I can just copy over iMovie 2 and have it work? And Two: are there any other programs for OS X that'll import DV from firewire.

If anyone could help, I'd really appreciate, as I can't just boot into 9 to import, and I'm most likely taking a trip soon where I'll need to be doing daily editing for a few days.

I'm going to assume that both of these yield no results and start working on a way to do it myself. I'm just about to go and study up on firewire and file tranfer on Macs. I'm sure it won't take more than a couple weeks on late nights to come up with some sort of importing software. With that in mind, someone please give me a solution!