FS: Kansas PM8600 w/800mhz G4 - Parts for sale

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FS: Kansas PM8600 w/800mhz G4 - Parts for sale

PAYPAL preferred.
(cannot accept credit card paypals,
i only have a personal account)

fwd yr ZIP code or intl mailing address
along with yr paypal email, so i can send
you a 'request for money' paypal email
along with the actual shipping charges.
my email: edgarbc1@yahoo.com

refer to photos of many of the items at
thanks for looking!


Sonnet Crescendo 800Mhz G4 processor upgrade
includes original box, floppy, and manual.
Compatible with 73/75/76/85/86/95/9600
Powermacs and clones. New retail price is $350
Also included for FREE is a burned CD of XpostFacto
(2.2.4-5 and 3.0b1) and updaters for Sonnet
Crescendo os9 extensions and OSX Tune-up
(activates altivec under osX) These items are
available free from the web, and this CD is for
yr convenience only and not being sold as a
$250 + S&H

Unimac 82D VGA to old Mac Video adapter
Has couple of setting DIPs for different monitor
resolutions. Download manual GIF from my web
address- it shows the various monitor settings.
Useful for older fixed frequency monitors.
Im not the original owner, purchased used,
but works great for my 20" Rasterops monitor.
$10 + S&H

128mb DIMM RAM 5v EDO from OWC compatible
with 73/75/76/85/86/95/9600 Powermacs
$16 each + S&H
eight sticks available
if you buy all eight at once, shipping is free!!

1mb VRAM stick for 72/73/75/76/85/8600
Powermac models with built-in video. Two are
original Apple sticks, the other two are of
unknown origin.
$10 each + S&H
4 sticks available
if you buy all four at once, shipping is free!!

Lacie CDU948 CD-ROM and CD-R External Drive
Caddy style Input Tray, 4x write, 8x read
SCSI-2 interface. Includes original power cord
and SCSI cable. SCSI id is set on the back.
Original Toast Lite CD included.
$65 + S&H

Global Village 56K Modem
includes power supply, serial cable
and Teleport CD.
$12 + S&H

8600 Audio/Video Panel See photo.
Includes cable to mount to the motherboard.
Also includes Strata Video Shop CD. This CD
came with the 8600 when I first purchased
the computer. I never used the video features
of the 8600.
$5 + S&H

300Mhz 604ev Processor for Mach V 8600
and 9600 Kansas motherboards.
Note this will not work in any other type of mobo!!!
$12+ S&H

8600 Mach V Kansas MotherBoard
guaranteed to work with G4 processor sold above!
and the 604ev processor sold above!
$25 + S&H

PRAM battery for 8600 mobo
$1 + S&H

390W power supply from 8600/300 Powermac
$15 + S&H

CD-ROM 24x, Internal SCSI 50-pin, Original Apple
8600 equipment. Includes mounting screws.
$12+ S&H

Modified Floppy Bezel from 8600. Modified to fit
Apple CD-ROM drive. See photo. I did this to
lessen the heat effect on my 3 SCSI harddrives.
Heat rises - anything not caught by the internal
fans would lessen the life of a hard drive
in the top bay. Also I think this is a clean look
to the front of the 8600 case. Includes tin
CD shield piece and screws. Will fit 8600/9600 and
beige G3 cases.
$7 + S&H

Blank Bezel for 8600/9600 and Beige G3 cases
Includes tin shield and screws.
$7 + S&H
quantity 3 available.
if you buy all 4 bezels at once, shipping is free!

8600 Side Panel (Modified)- includes side fan
and plastic piece to help direct airflow from side
grill into the machine. Modification is to Upper
Forward Green Latch Tab. Removed material
to clear the CD-ROM in the topmost bay when the
side panel is mounted to the computer.
$5 + S&H

8600 front speaker and green plastic case w
power leads.
$2 + S&H

PCI slot cover plates
Includes mounting screw
$0.75 each + S&H
six available

Apple ADB Keyboard (see photo)
original keyb with PM8600 system.
$10 + S&H

Kensington ADB 2 button mouse
$5 + S&H

Apple Power Macintosh System CD
for 8600 and 9600 series machines
SSW version 7.6.1, CD version 1.0,
$15 + S&H

Mac OS 8 CD
1997, Version 8.0, 691-1600-A
$15 + S&H

Applevision Software CD
1997 Version 1.3, 691-1665-A
from an applevision 17 monitor
which died on me....
$1 + S&H

Apple Internet Connection Kit CD
1996, Version 1.2, 691-1325-A
came with PM8600 when I bought it.
$1 + S&H

Symantec SAM v 4.5 CD
system 7 or higher. Macintosh or
Power Macintosh. This came with the
PM8600 when I first bought it.
$1 + S&H