Ibook screen issues

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Ibook screen issues

As a couple of you know, I'm looking at purchasing an ibook 366. I mentioned earlier that there were some stuck pixels. Evidently, there aren't any stuck pixels, instead a "fine red line" at the right side of the screen. This sounds like the logic board death of many of the newer ibooks that Apple is now repairing. Anyone had a similar problem with the clamshell? I know that this can also be caused by a bad display cable and that the clamshells had problems with the hinges and cables. Anyone want to take a guess as to what the problem could be here? Should I go for it or avoid it like the plague?


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It could be from the cable co

It could be from the cable connecting the LCD screen to the LCD controller board (in my school someone closed the lid of one of the laptops with a big force ,this cable moved a bit and now we have 2" thick colorfull line in the midle of the screen) I don't know what is the screen of your PB .I think it's TFT ,but if it is DSTN then don't worry it's like a pixel burned but instead of this maybe one of the controler transistors burned and here we have and line on the screen (cause those transistors don't controll one pixel - they do a whole column ).

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Almost certainly an LCD problem . . .

and typical of shorted or open line(s) in the teeny-tiny edge connection circuits inside the LCD assembly itself.

Since this TFT panel uses an LVDS connection to the iBook, any similar failure probably isn't the cable or logic board. Failures in those components usually affect the entire display in some way, rather than just a single line of pixels as in this case.

Live with it or replace the LCD, originally a Samsung LT121SU-123. On eBay iBook LCDs cost about US$100 for a complete lid with bezels, cables and hinges. Or replace just the LCD, usually about the same amount unless you get lucky. For $70 total I picked up a brand-spankin' new Samsung LT121SU-121, sold as for a "Dell Latitude CPi series notebook computer", which worked great. Search ebay for "lt121su*", (without my quotes) checkmarking the " Search title and description" box.

IIRC, the 366 has the later and better Rage 128 Pro (or the mobile equivilant?) which can playback DVDs. Does it have an AirPort card? AP cards are going for up to ~$100 these days! How much ram comes with it? Case in nice shape, any cracks, scuffs, etc.? Battery hold a decent charge? 2 hours or better is acceptable. Power supply included, and in good shape?

Frankly, if it checks out OK otherwise, and if it's cheap enough (less than ~US$200), I'd suggest buying and using it as-is. Use the LCD problem to get the price as low as possible, noting how confoundedly expensive a replacement LCD will be from Apple! Wink

Dan K

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