Multi-page thread problems

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Multi-page thread problems

When a thread int eh Drupal fora goes over one page, it of course creates a second page. Fine. When new posts get added and one goes to view them, we can only go to the first page form the list in the forum. Then, scroll to the bottom and select the second page. Whent he second page comes up, the new posts don't have the red border lines of a new post, ie. the new posts got "viewed" when one opened the first page, not when one opened the second page where they actually are. This got me really bugged in the STL thread, and another that went two pages. This will really make it hard to find new posts if they go over two pages, as that will mean every page after the first will have "viewed" new posts and it will be a manual search for recent dates/times. Ack.

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Coincidentally . . .

. . . I just entered this forum to make EXACTLY that same point!

jt Wink

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I hate "I agree with this post" posts, but...

I agree with this post. It is annoying. ;^>

Another fault I might point out with the "recent posts" page on multi-page posts: It sticks items in there based on their recency, and sorts them that way. But, from what I can tell, the default behavior for *displaying* topics (if you're not logged in, anyway.) is "threaded". Which means if the most recent comment wasn't either a new comment or a reply to the most recent new comment it gets buried randomly once the page it's on is displayed.

Basically, what it boils down to is that the URL tries throwing a in-page anchor reference: Ex:

However, on multi-page posts it's not smart enough to paginate to the right page. So the anchor tag is useless. It should throw a URL something like this:

That seems to work with Mozilla, incedentally, but Safari choked on it. It doesn't like having both a ?get and an #anchor in the same URL.

Anyway. I'm sure fixing this would involve patching Drupal so it did some math when displaying URLs, based on your session settings.


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Flat topic display

Once again, I renew my suggestion to just make responses within a topic display flat, no threading. That way you know the new or most recent post is at the bottom. No searching, no problem.

If Drupal had a more robust quoting mechanism, that would help too -- there would be more incentive to quote, making it easier to know which post the responder was referencing, even with a non-threaded response system.

(And the threaded system is of no help if you want to respond to more than one post in your post anyway.)


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Is it possible to put the lin

Is it possible to put the link bars for multiple pages on the TOP and the BOTTOM of each page in a thread instead of just the bottom like it is now?

Currently, its rather annoying to have to scroll all the way down to the bottom of a page of full posts and then click on the 2nd page link.

On that same topic, is it possible to have the pages listed in the main listings. By that I mean on most forums, when a thread has 2 or more pages, it shows something like: "( 1 2 3 last page )" and so forth in the main thread topic pages that way you can click right to the 2nd or 3rd or whatever page wihtoiut having to click on the 1st page. Plus its just nice to be able to see what threads have multiple pages.

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This is bugging me too

This is bugging me too

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The problem here stems from the fact that Drupal tells if you've visited a thread or not by marking adding your UID and the NID to a table whenever you visit a thread, along with a timestamp. Same way that it calculates if a post is new or not.

The way to get around it is to change just when Drupal updates the table. If it updated it when it hit the last comment in the thread, instead of as soon as you look at the node, this issue wouldn't show up. The downside is that it wouldn't mark read comments as read, unless you went to the last page of the thread.


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