Software update from Single user mode...

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Software update from Single user mode...

Well, after putting OS X.2.8 back onto my Rev A iMac, I started getting the mysterious dead screen again. You know, that problem when the screen goes black and the power button turns orange - but I can still hear sounds as I click on things and open/close files/folders.

Really frustrating.

I know it is not a heat problem since I have atemporary fan pumping cold air in and dropping the temp a good bit.

Any ways, every time I try to install something, the screen dies, or the machine freezes. This is a realy ass pain when trying to run the software updater. So I want to try to runn the software utility in single user mode. I remember readiung about this before, but cannot find where I may have refferenced it before (missing a shortcut maybe?).

Can anyone please help?