Some 3D rendering

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Some 3D rendering

I haven't done much 3D rendering since I was doing work on Escape Velocity plug-ins, so I thought I'd play a bit during my holidays.

[image:5711 size=thumbnail]

Both the station and freighter in the background were created over the last year, with some of the 'greeblies' on the station being done today. I don't think it's finished yet, but after playing around with the rendering colours I thought it looked a bit Christmasey with that green and almost-red and decided to share.

Techie stuff: Objects were created in Strata Studio blitz 1.75+. It's a very old version, and renders very slowly on my G3. It must have some old 68K code or something in the rendering engine, because it renders at exactly the same speed on my faster G4 at work. But for object manipulation and creation, it's still my favorite. Rendering was done in a later version.
Light effects were done in Photoshop, palette changes were made on the PC with Irfanview.
The barely-visible star field is a Photoshop noise filter, with some heavy level-pulling.

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