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Hey Hey

hey everyone I got this G4powerbook and I was wondering what's a good way to make it different then everyone elses. Like I've seen others paint theirs and whatnot. anyone got any ideas??

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dada laptop


What about covering it in fur?


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There was a page a long time

There was a page a long time about on which someone showed how they covered their iBook in lime green faux fur. Some quick Googling and I can't find a link. I haven't tried searching the old AF fora, but it'd be there somewhere.

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A friend of mine recommends astroturf.


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This might sound odd but...

Isn't a PowerBook G4 already different to everyone else's laptops? Beee

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The 'books are anodized alumi

The 'books are anodized aluminum right? well, why not remove the anodizing and polish the aluminum to a mirror finish, then clearcoat it to prevent tarnishing?

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