Powerbook SCSI Cable question

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Powerbook SCSI Cable question

I picked up a pile of stuff the other day. One of the things in it was a SCSI adapter cable for a powerbook. It's one of the ones that converts the powerbook SCSI port to a big (50 pin?) plug so that you can attach other devices. My question is that on the powerbook side of the cable (the square end)there seems to be a pin missing in the bottom right corner. Is this adapter hosed or is it not supposed to be there by design. I lack a powerbook of that vintage to test it. Any ideas?

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The plug has one pin missing

The plug has one pin missing meaning that is is for use for attaching scsi peripherals to a powerbook, if all pins are there, it is used for PowerBook scsi mode (where you connect the powerbook to your desktop mac and use it as a hard disk)

So, in short it is good.

BTW, do you want to sell it? as I need an external scsi cable for my PB520


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if your looking to buy one

if your looking to buy one i have an extra adapter that has a scsi or dock switch on it but this one is and adapter that goes from pb scsi to 25pin scsi.

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