Need Help-15" monitor switch from VGA to DVI

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Need Help-15" monitor switch from VGA to DVI

I broke my hinges on my 15" Powerbook Ti and severed my backlight cables. My friend switched monitors, from another broked Powerbook, but the other one was a DVI instead of my VGA. I now have about an inch and a half line on the right of my screen, and the bottom inch ghosts the top inch. The good news. When I start up my laptop, the whole screen works. Is the any fairly easy was to fix this?


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Unfortunately, no. The screen

Unfortunately, no. The screens between the VGA and DVI TiBook models were get the screen to work correctly, you need to get a screen of the same generation as your PowerBook.

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get the proper LCD . . .

as the good Doc W. says, it's the only way to 'fix' it. As the DVI screen you have is worth more than is the VGA screen you need I think you ought to be able to swap/sell/buy to get the correct LCD at little or no extra cost. Any LCD from the VGA TiBooks 400/500/550/667(non-DVI) will work with your 'Book. Or just live with it, it may look a tad odd but it's functional at least.

see my page for a few relevant tidbits.

dan k

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