Remote Control Software

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Remote Control Software

I need some help in regards to finding a unique set of remote controll software. My Quadra 840AV is hooked up to a PS/2 KVM and I can switch back and forth just fine, the only thing being I have no keyboard for the Quadra, just a mouse. Even if I had a keyboard, I don't have room for it, since the reason I like the KVM is to keep everything simple. Since the KVM is PS/2 based, it won't work out of the box with ADB.

I have seen companies that make ADB to PS/2 adaptors, but they are not common and typically are overpriced.

My idea was to find information on how to create a simple program that can recieve input via AppleTalk for keyboard and mouse movements. How it would work is that I would switch the KVM to the Quadra 840AV. At startup, the Quadra would run a small program that listens on AppleTalk for instructions regarding to keyboard and mouse. On my PC running Basilisk II, I would use the mouse and keyboard and those movements would be transmitted over Ethernet to the Mac. Or at least something like that.

So basically, I need a remote program that doesn't use the screen drawing function, just keyboard and mouse.