I made an LCD Projector!

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I made an LCD Projector!

Well tonight i carefully pulled apart an olde grayscale LCD from a Powerbook 190 and took off the backlight.

There are heaps of tutorials on the net for doing this with newer colour LCDs, but as I discovered, it does work with Powerbook ones too.

All you have to do is place it on top of an overhead projector (OHP).

Unfortunately I don't have access to a camera or else I would have made a story. But if you're thinking about doing it, it can be really fun and works extremely well.

I found pulling it apart fairly simple but extreme care should be taken when taking the backlight off. Don't force anything. There are long, thin sticky pads attached to the LCD glass and those are right on top of the connecting strips. The connecting strips that go between the LCD glass and the thin PCBs next to them are very very fragile and weakly connected. If you break them, there is little hope of reviving your LCD.
The backlight is the big sheet of aluminum on glass. There is also a long, thin tube backlight that is very fragile. I snapped mine and got cut Sad

Once the backlight is taken off, Plug it in to the laptop again and turn it on. Mind the inverter-thing board.
Shine a large torch through it. If the image is reversed ( i.e text is sdrawkcb), look at it from the other side.

You can get OHPs from dumps, schools, ebay, etc. You might need to get a better bulb if you want a brighter image.

Thats all

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Thats awesome. I might do th

Thats awesome. I might do that this summer with a newer LCD, I have ahuge CRT projector thats about to die.

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OHPs get very hot. Be sure t

OHPs get very hot. Be sure to create some sort of cooling setup like most of the modern conversion articles suggest, unless you don't mind frying your LCDs. Wink

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I acutally got my hands on on

I acutally got my hands on one of the LCD panels that's designed to be used with an overhead a few years ago. It's pretty cool, it has VGA, S-Video and Composite inputs.

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