need help xler8ting G4 quicksilver

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need help xler8ting G4 quicksilver

have: powermac g4 quicksilver
1 cpu 933 mhz
L2 cache 256kb
L3 cache 2mb
768 mb memory
133 bus speed
Want: to make system faster for video editing, dvd burning etc

Specifically would like to know if I should buy cpu uprade? or try to fool with settings/overclocking? or maybe an upgrade card?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I have only been a mac user for 2 years.

Thank you very much in advance for your input.

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Powerlogix, Sonnet Tech, Fast

Powerlogix, Sonnet Tech, FastMac, Other Worlds Computer's Mercury upgrade and a few other have CPU upgrade cards up to 1.6ghz dual processors. I just upgraded my DA 466 to 1.2 ghz with a sonnet upgrade. Worked fine.

I do recommand CPU upgrade instead of OC. You never get enough improvement to make it worthwhile and you tend to pay for it with stabilities.

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