PCI Radeon and G3 450MHz ZIF.

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PCI Radeon and G3 450MHz ZIF.

After building my new G4 I no longer need these parts from my G3.

PCI Radeon.
This is an original Retail ATL PCI Mac Radeon. It is NOT a flashed card.
$40 shipped in the US.

G3 450 MHz ZIF.
This chip has not been over-clocked and has ran flawlessly for me. If you want I will also include the Heat-sink and clip.
$60 shipped in the US.

I am open to offers and will ship outside the US. You just pay the difference in shipping. My eBay id is redrouteone_net so feel free to check my feedback.

I am also open to trades.
What I am looking for.
A Pioneer DVD Burner.
A Pioneer DVD-ROM drive.
A CPU upgrade for a GigE G4.