G3 and G4 Mobo Pics

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G3 and G4 Mobo Pics

Hi all

I have a box (not my site, its by the guy I got the box off).

I wont to put a B/W G3 or a G4 in to it. But Im think I may having trouble getting every thing to fit even with a U1 PSU and a slim-line CD. The mane problem is I need to have two PCI slots available. I have two PCI riser cards but I need to know if anything on the Mobo will get in the way, so I now which mobo to get.

So my question is, has any one see a site has good pics of different G3 and G4 mobos.

Thanks for all your help.

Ketil B

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I would check Ebay, and or so

I would check Ebay, and or some of the other MAC sites.

I know you can get Skinny low profile VId cards for 1 u Dell servers and such.

If you need to fit normal sized cards in a 1 U case, I would recommend getting a Daughter card that takes your PCI slot from being Vertical to horizontal.

Like the following image


Though you would want something with 1 or possibly even 2 slots.



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