Gotta Cull A Collection....

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Gotta Cull A Collection....

My Fellow Computer Enthusiasts (or Nerds),
I have a big, hefty personal collection of computers that has to thinned. My wife and I moved into a one bedroom apartment in December, and I've got to admit, tripping over computers is getting old. There are a few computers I need to keep, obviously, so let me tell you what I do with them and then list them and see what you think -

- I do a lot of writing
- Some desktop publishing
- Some computer artwork
- Astronomy
- Video Astronomy
- Internet & e-mail
- I need access to Systems 6 and 7

These are the machines, in order of age -

- Mac IIci w/ Turbo 040 card and AV out
- Mac Portable
- Mac Plus (w/ beige bag, BTW...)
- Toshiba Satellite T1800 386sx laptop
- PowerBook 180
- Centris 660AV
- Quadra 605
- PowerMac 6100/60AV
- PowerMac 6100/66 DOS
- PowerMac 5260/120AV
- PowerMac 7200/90 definite keepers are -

- Tandy Model 102
- PowerBook 540c
- iBook Tangerine (rebuilding; needs keyboard and OS)
- Toshiba Satellite 225CDS Pentium laptop

...and this still doesn't cover them all! There is a HP Pavillion that we use as our home server (running ME... yuck, but it's a friends), an old Zenith Z-Star EX laptop that works as my router control unit and an IBM ThinkPad 500 that was a gift to me from one of my favorite students (I just couldn't part with it).
Perhaps its an addiction, but this is hard...


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Is it in good condition? What are the specs? How much for it?

Also, where are you? (I`m in New York)

abe_skolnik at yahoo dot com

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Keep the 5260/120AV for both astronomy(AV & non AV) needs,and for writing at home.
Keep the 540C for writing(when you're on the go).
Use the Centris 660AV for system 7.
Use the IIci for system 6 when at home,and the mac portable for OS 6 when you're gone.
Use the iBook for internet and email.Really,it's a great machine,and worth investing in.As a matter of fact,I'm using an Graphite iBook right now.It's my only internet machine.Try buying AirPort,I'm using it and its wonderful.
FOR THE computer artwork and desktop publishing,use any of the above systems(depending on your OS needs).If these actions are done on Mac OS 9,use the iBook.
For the rest of the macs,Sell them in the Applefritter For Sale and for trade forums.These things will generate lots of attention,just as longas you check back ASAP.
Well,There you are!

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The TP500

Yeah, that's a rara avis if ever there was one. Just don't know if I want to let it go. The student who gave it to me is the fellow known as Jacob Komar (google that name). This young man is bound to be pretty important one day; he's already in college, and he's not even a teenager yet! Anyway, I was his mentor, and when I moved back to Florida, he gave me the TP as a going away present. He also gave me the Toshiba Satellite 225CDS, which in my opinion is a far more useful machine.
But the TP500 is way out there on the cool factor; you're obviously aware of that. I have to think about that one. No guarantees. Also, and this is just a little info about its condition, it has the stock configuration, 4MB RAM, 250(?) hard drive and a dead battery with a shot locking mechanism (currently held in place with tape). The external video adapter is also missing, but it still has the floppy drive and serial adapter. The only item I have that's lighter is my trusty ol' Tandy 102.
It is, however, redundant. Again, let me think on it...


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Good Ideas There...

iMac, and that's pretty much the direction I'm leaning. Don't get me wrong, I think the Plus is a great "rebel against the machine" computer ( I run it without an external hard drive most of the time), but it is a little old (and now damaged; discovered it has a few dings thanks to shippers, and apparently the weaker solder joints on the analog board have given as a result of the rough handling. And they managed to even damage the zipper on its carrying case! Such dorks...). The Portable was carried down in our car (it's a little fragile), and is at least intact. Unfortunately, the PMU needs to be reset and the battery replaced. Currently, it's running off of an old PB150 powersupply, which it can barely do, by the way. But it is a keeper just for its rarity.
Another point of fact. The IIci was an ex-Simon & Schuster machine that was donated to the science center where I taught and was deleted right before I left. It has that Turbo 040 card and a messload of RAM, plus a good size hard drive. And it will still run System 6! Sort of a System 6 Rocket! Before the machine was used at the science center, there was a novel on it by Kurt Vonnegut, but they had to inform the publisher and delete it. There is still a computer there in storage, a Quadra 950, that has a few left on it, plus a copy of said Vonnegut novel, unedited Smile !
The only machines you didn't mention that I've pretty much have decided on are my trusty old Tandy Model 102 and the Toshiba 225CDS. The Tandy is indispensible; it has been a true workhorse, and even doubles as a keyboard for my Palm, and the Toshiba I need to access a few Wintel applications. At least it's a laptop and can hide when not in use.
Now, have to think about this a little more.

Muy Gracias

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