Lots of Assorted Macs and Apple stuff

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Lots of Assorted Macs and Apple stuff

Hello all

First off - I'm working at MacShop NW [and doing this for them - www.macshop.com - our website sucks]

Anyways, we have a TON of stuff here that we're trying to clear out.... [cheap ~$5-10+S/H ]

•about 20 classic Macs
•about as many pizza box Macs, various IIsi/vx/vi/etc
•~15 stylewriters
•Keyboards/mice/etc [lots]
•~6 SCSI scanners [one maybe two USB]
•Personal Laserwriters
•Image writer ][s
•assorted cables [just about everything]
•various PowerMacs
•external CD drives [SCSI]
•External HD cases [SCSI]
•and probly more that I haven't noticed yet [ask me and I'll check if we have it]

So... You can get in touch with us via:

AIM: derekcat3
Email: sales [at] macshop.com
derekcat [at] gmail.com
[either one should be fine - if you email the MacShop address, just mention that you're from the 68kmla, and Derek told you about all this - We're only about 5 people so they'll know ^_^ ]



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you dont have any powerbook p

you dont have any powerbook pismo's by any chance do you? i am willing to spend 250$ on it if you do.

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