0S 9 admin password

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0S 9 admin password

help, recently re-fitting a friends mac with 9.2 and I logged out of the computer and he doesn't now the root user password to log back in. Am OS X user and am very lost. Is there any change password facility similar to OSX startup disk or can I get to some command line similar to UNIX??? Have booted from CD which gets me in as Admin but can't run entourage so I can export his email address to re-install. HELP

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once booted..

Just trash the prefs. in the preference folder under System Folder on the HDD. I think that should work. That is why I would not trust OS 9 with security from prying eyes.

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You can also just grab the entire Microsoft User Data folder from his Documents folder, save yourself the trouble of exporting and importing everything.

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