Help Guys! Yet another password issue........

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Help Guys! Yet another password issue........

Hey guys - I bought a used mac two days ago from a thrift shop and was in the process of upgrading it and deleting old software on the hard drive. I have the indigo imac dv (summer 2000) and it is running mac os 9.2.2 . When I got home, the original user's account and keychain was still active so you can imagine my frustration. I went to a lot of trouble to track the original owner down and when I found her, she would not give me her old password! I have no OS discs for this machine currently and I hope there is a way to reset the passwords or at least give me admin access to the programs I need to get to, but ast it is, I don't have access to half this things left on the harddrive, and I'm fearful of just going in an deleteing things willy-nilly. ANy help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, SpectreJordan

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best thing you can do is form

best thing you can do is format the whole thing, its not really logical to try and work around a problem like that.....

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Does the Mac store the keycha

Does the Mac store the keychain in a specific file?

Could one boot off of an OS 9 CD, or hold down shift and disable extensions, then blow the keychain file away and force the Mac to recreate it?

I know in Windows 9x you could go into the machine in Safe Mode and go to something like C:\Windows\Profiles\Username and blow away the username.pwd file, and Windows would recreate it and ask for new passwords to be specified.

Just a thought. I don't mean to advocate dirty tricks or anything, but in this case I can't see the harm.


The Czar

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