SE30 9Gig HD problem

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SE30 9Gig HD problem

My old Mac SE-30 had a 40Mb HD. Way too small for OS7.5.3 so I got a huge 9.1Gb drive on eBay for $30. I am trying to install OS7.5.3 off the CD but it tells me the SCSI0 volume is too large. Disk tools ignores it completely as does Apple HD SC. Is there any way to use this drive?

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HD problem


Where exactly the 2 gig limit disappears in the OS sequence is something I never remember but I thought by 7.5.3 it shouldn't be a problem. Apparently I'm wrong. Having said all that, there are non-Apple HD utilities that should work. If you want some, email me at and I'll send you some.

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2 gig

I can't remember with OS rev. and hardware gets you over the 2 GB limit either - so easiest way to use that drive is to create a 2 GB partition on the drive for installing 7.5.3.
You may need to make subsequent partitions smaller than 2 GB as well, but at least you'll be able use the drive.

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You might try formatting the

You might try formatting the HD on a more recent Mac and partitioning it into <2G chunks.

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Yeah, I would try formatting

Yeah, I would try formatting the drive on another computer and installing the OS from there. I have a Performa 5200 that was running System 7.5.3 on a 6GB drive with only one six gigabyte partition. I later reformatted it and sliced it up into three 2GB partitions but that was only because the drive had some bad sectors that produced read/write errors.

If it weren't for the bad sectors causing disk integrity problems, I would have kept the drive as one big 6 gig partition. However, dividing the drive into smaller partitions allowed me to isolate the bad sectors into distinct partitions, thus increasing the overall integrity of the drive. Essentially, I stored important files on the partitions that were free of bad sectors and used the bad partitions for "throw away" files.

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