iBook Processor Upgrade?

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iBook Processor Upgrade?

Can i upgrade my iBook G3 processor? I know it can be done with a powerbook. Can i just use a G3 powerbook upgrade processor? And lastly, cani upgrade the video card somehow?


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the ibooks, are not upgradeab

the ibooks, are not upgradeable, proc or video card, they both soldered on the logic board.

powerbook g3's were proc upgradeable, but thats it for the new world laptops


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The only way to upgrade it is by putting in a whole new mobo. Even then, you are limited due to the fact that not all of the mobos are the same. Plus (unless you want to do some case modding!) the ports might line-up correctly.

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Mobo Replace

yeah, i've been looking at putting in a new mobo. put in a new hard drive a few weeks ago, and feeling pretty brave. Asking around though, seeing if i can't put in a new G4 (w00t if i can).

Thanks for all your help


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iBook G4 board

To put an iBook G4 board in your iBook, you will need to replace the following
- frame
- heatsink
- hard drive and optical drive cables
- reed switch/inverter cable
- lvds cable
- fan
- modem
- possibly the optical drive, and if so all accompanying plastics
- dc-in board (while the connector on the outside is the same, the internals are not
- top case (connectors for speakers and power are different

I'm an adventurous guy, and also an Apple tech who spends his days dealing with PowerBooks and iBooks. I honestly think that, unless you get lucky and snag an iBook G4 that hit the ground real hard destroying the lcd and damaged plastics for a song, it'll be cheaper to sell your G3 iBook and buy a G4 iBook. A brand new iBook G4 12" with 1 .2ghz processor and airport built in can be had for $999 brand new at any Apple Authorized reseller.

Heck, for around $700-$800 you can get a used iBook G4 (800-1ghz). I'm a tinkerer at heart, and can appreciate your hopes to upgrade your existing iBook. If you had an iBook G4 800, you can easily swap out the 800mhz board for a 1ghz. (the 1.2 ghz 12" is arranged differently inside).

As for PowerBooks, as long as you are in the same Product line, boards can be changed out with minimal effort. For example, any Titanium PowerBook with DVI from the factory can easily be pushed up to 1ghz via logic board swap. The aluminum PowerBooks (15 inch) can be upgraded the same way, though the heatsink would need to be replaced.

Again, the biggest obstacle of doing this is getting the parts in a manner where it's less expensive than selling your machine and buying a new one. Perhaps your local Apple shop (service department) might have an iBook G4 that got busted up by a customer and was given up on that can be had for not much money.


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