Apple I project begins [1,2]

[1] The book Apple I Replia Creation was received in the mail friday via[thumb:7955 left hspace=5 vspace=5]

Almost the whole weekend used on studying every page of the book. Wow, I gotta make my own machine from scratch.

I've studied the websites here in Denmark for the components needed. The two sites I consider to order from is Vejle-RC and El-Supply. I've previously ordered from Vejle-RC, and that was ok.

Included with the book was the software McCAD EDS SE400 on CD-ROM. The registration card was sent today all the way to the U.S.A.

The first question I wondered about was how to get the firmware, as I was not going to buy the Replica 1 Kit (sorry Vince Briel), but try to go futher with myself and build the computer from scratch. During a little search on the Apple I forum I found the firmware. The next block on this project is finding the ATMEGA chips. I'd hoped to use the PIC chips as I worked with them before.


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Have fun! Be sure to thank Vince for opening up his design and posting the firmware. Smile

Thanks for the Amazon UK link. Very flattering! I didn't realize they used a separate set of reviews.

After all, the huge problem in this project would not be to find the ATMEGA chips. A reseller have been found, but how do I get a PAL composite signal.

Detailed description in the Apple I forum.

I figured it out, so no worries.

// Ancher