Which cells to use in a Wallstreet battery?

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Which cells to use in a Wallstreet battery?

I pried open one of my dead Wallstreet batteries to re-cell it and discovered 12 Panasonic CGR17670HC cells inside instead of the 18650 cells I expected.

Fortunately, being a pessimist I'd not actually ordered any new cells yet.

Question is, can I replace the Panasonics with 18650s and get some more battery life, or must I stick with the Panasonics (in which case I'll probably just buy a new battery, since it's cheaper)?

The 18650 cells are a bit fatter and shorter, I'm concerned that the battery won't reassemble properly.



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info you probably don't need

I was googlin' around looking for 17670 lithium, and found this page from which I got this:

Cylindrical lithium-ion cells describe their diameter and length. The most common cylindrical lithium-ion cell is the 18650 cell. This cell has a diameter of 18mm and an overall length of 65mm.

Dunno how that particularly helps, but it enlightened me at any rate.

dan k

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