Help with my (modified) iMac ATX conversion

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Help with my (modified) iMac ATX conversion

Alright, I'm stumped.

Here's whats going on, I'm doing a variant of the iMac ATX conversion, with a micro-atx power supply and a IIsi case, to make the IIsiMac.

I got everything wired up and soldered together yesterday, and went to power it on, the diagnostic LED on the iMac's MLB blinked in time to a faint clicking from the PSU. Probably a short somewhere. De- and re-soldered my connections, and moved the power signal inverter from its own board onto the one with the power connector.

BTW, I'm using info from here:

So today, looks all good, no shorts or anything that I can see, give it another go. Don't worry about the case this time, just lay it all out, hook it up, and hit the juice. Nothing. Hmm, maybe something with the power switch*, so I plug in a keyboard from another Rev. B iMac, hit the power button. Nada.

*from the board that has the IrDA connector and video connector, as well as audio, there's cords to the MLB labelled "IrDA" "Video" and "Audio" Where's the power signal go?

So I dunno. I'm stumped.

There's pictures on my .mac homepage, most recent here:

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear 'em.

Also, anyone know if a MLB from a Rev. A and Rev. B iMac are interchangeable? I may have access to a Rev. A I could use to test my MLB to make sure its still good (my Rev. B is in use as my server and I'd rather not have the IIsi than take it down and do something like this to it)

Thanks in advance,