Looking For Crack Rom and Software

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Looking For Crack Rom and Software

Hey all;

ALong time ago , if you happend to live in the HB area of southern Cal , a friend of mine made some really awsome Crack Roms or should we say Monitor roms , it had a switch that
was wired from a few of the legs of the eprom , and when you switched it on , it dumped all
the data into the monitor or 6502 , which was really handy for saving . So if any one seen
any of these , it would be great to know , they were made by THE FREEZE .

Another thing I am looking for , is The Jerk's Favorite Copy Programs , these were excellent programs that he put on 5 1/4 , I am trying find everything and anything 5 1/4
that I can transfer to .dsk format to preserve for the future. Seems alot of the floppys are
going bad due to age and all..

Well see ya.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of july.


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I think you are talking about

I think you are talking about the Monitor ROM and Boot Disk that the Jerk and I wrote, and The FREEZE was selling for us. I wrote the Monitor Rom code and The Jerk wrote the Boot Disk.

You pressed and held RESET, then switched the switch on the Monitor ROM (toggled the high address line of a 2732 EProm). And then released the RESET. The speaker began playing a tone. Different tones were played when different options were available.

The options allowed you to view different graphics and text pages. And choose preset memory move options to move hi and low memory into the differnt graphics pages.

After you had chosen the options to move the memory, you then booted the disk The Jerk wrote. And it wrote the memory out to disk as a cracked program.

I have most of the source code for V7.1 of the Monito ROM (one sector of the file appears to have gone bad (so 256 bytes of the source are gone). However I still have the binary image of V7.1 of the Montior ROM, so it should be trivial to recreate the missing 256 bytes.

I have all of the source code for the boot disk.

I wouldn't think there would be much use for them now. I suspect most if not all copy protected disks from the original Apple 2 days would be pretty useless by now.

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