Delete key not working on multiple keyboards

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Delete key not working on multiple keyboards

I have a client with a computer (running Panther) and the delete key doesn't work. It is not a keyboard issue, because if I change the keyboard I have the same problem. If you use the shift key then the delete key works. I have looked in keyboard areas and found nothing that was set wrong. Anyone have any ideas on this weird problem?


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Do you mean for like deleting files in the finder? OS X does that by default, it's not an error or a glitch. If you can't delete a character in, say, the Google field of Safari, then you've got a problem.

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USB Port?

I've seen weirdness similar to this that was triggered by damaged usb ports. One machine I dealt with, a g4 cube, would power back on after being shut down at random in addition to having keyboard weirdness. I tested the machine using our ADC LCD with keyboard and mouse connected to it, no issue. I connected the keyboard to the usb port on the logic board, and sure enough the issue came back. Since then, I always look at USB ports with suspicion.


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I have been having the same i

I have been having the same issue on my duaghter Compaq. I changed the keyboard 3 times. It is due to some Malware. I re-installed windows all together, and still continues. It will most likeley be a registry or bios issue now. I still cannot fix. When the Malware was taking over the PC I could not acces the Task Manager. This is what the Malware was designed to do.

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