Drupal, IP Banning

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Drupal, IP Banning

how good is it? I just got word that a banned user is trying to get back on. Goes by the previous Alias : "BaD BoY"
I'm hoping that we got this down. We have had a lot of trouble since he showed up. And i don't want this to be downfall of this site.\
What does it look like if your are IP Banned. Does the site show up at all, or does it not allow you to simply log in under any name?

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It shows a short message indi

It shows a short message indicating that the IP is banned and contact information in case of an error. A site admin is able to leave a short message to explain the reason for the ban, but it's not required.

Currently, no users are IP banned, however the capability is available. Banning one specific IP for more than a couple weeks is horrendously silly, as most commercial connections will rotate your IP that often, if not more.


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It's actually kind of silly t

It's actually kind of silly to ban IP addresses anyway; it's not effective. Anybody with even marginal Internet skills is probably able to defeat IP bans through the use of proxies.

As for the banned user's IP address being rotated by their ISP, you could, if you really wanted, ban the entire IP range offered by his/her respective ISP. This wouldn't be terribly effective or worthwhile however.

Your best bet is to just ignore the problem user and hope that he/she gets bored and goes away.

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