Clamshell ibook for sale

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Clamshell ibook for sale

I have a G3 Clamshell iBook for sale:

Apple Tangerine/White Clamshell iBook
300Mhz G3
96MB of RAM
24X CD-ROM Drive
Mac OS 9.2
6GB Hard drive
The battery is in great condition! (3 1/2 hours)

comes with all original software and cd's
plus a web cam and a iomega 650 zip drive

$225 US Buyers only! - Paypal and Money Order payments accepted. NO PERSONAL CHECKS!

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What do you mean by an Iomega 650 ZIP drive? Do you mean 250? Or do you mean the Iomega 650 CD-RW drive?

ALSO: Would you be interesting in "parting it out" and selling the battery alone?

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Iomega makes (made?) a 750MB

Iomega makes (made?) a 750MB ZIP drive. I think this might be what he is referring to.

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650 drive

yes, I'm referring to the zip 650 cdrw drive, and no, I won't part it out. its in excellent condition.

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hi there is the ibook stil

hi there

is the ibook still available to sell?

just a couple questions...

what condition is the ibook in? (scratches, marks, broken parts, etc?) do you have any recent pics of it you could post or email me? does it come with the box, etc?

i'd be interested in purchasing it via money order (overnighted) tomorrow or friday...


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