WTB: Pre-G3 PowerBook

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WTB: Pre-G3 PowerBook

Hey all, this is just me... Cory5412, looking for a secondary Mac.

I am interested if anybody has a PowerPC laptop to sell or get rid of, especially that which has a screen resolution of 800x600 or greater, because I need a secondary computer which I can feel comfortable with tossing in my backpack in the morning for school - something which I am not usually up to with the PowerBook, because of it's paint.

Moreso, I need it specifically for OS9, and specifically, for PageMaker 6.5, as that is what the yearbook is using this year. I am slowly warming up to the idea of running 9 on my tibook, moreso booting into it, because I dislike classic mode under OSX, but I would feel more comfortable with a separate machine, for reasons more than one. (come on, it's high school, you know what I'm talking about, esp. with a main computer like a tiBook... not a machine that I want to have to come home and say "dad, I lost my computer at school")

Right now, my pricerange is definitely under $100, in fact, if somebody were to send me a PM for a 'Book for $20+shipping, even on a low-end 1400, I would jump on it.

Also, if it would be possible, 32mb of memory or more, and maybe even a zip100 drive or module would be awesome - as we use zips in the yearbook.

I don't know what my eMail on this forum is registered as, but if you could eMail me at cory5412 at gmail.com, or reply here, that would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!