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Baby's First...

With my youngest child turning one tomorrow, I am thinking of all the things I should not get here.

So far, I have the following:

  • Baby's First ballpeen hammer
  • Baby's First ant farm (Siafu)
  • Baby's First hornet's nest
  • Baby's First Uzi (9mm)
  • Baby's First still (moonshine)
  • Baby's First Tazzer
  • Baby's First collection of communicable diseases
  • Baby's First book of matches

What other gifts should I not get my child?

(And yes, I love my baby, I am just looking for humourous responses - nothing off color)

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"Gift Suggestions" ;-)

    * Baby's first pneumatic nail gun
    * Baby's first pint
    * Baby's first cigar

Those ought to keep Junior content for a while ;-).

Congrats on your baby's first birthday!


The Czar

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I like "Baby's First Colostomy", myself. It comes with a matching bag.


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baby's first.....

baby's first southpark dvd
baby's first wintel pc
baby's first michael jackson picture
baby's first shurikan
baby's first stick of dynomite
baby's first blender
baby's first bucket of cement
baby's first grenade......

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Some more...

Baby's first empty plastic bag
Baby's first Marlboro
Baby's first Necronomicon (which would look something like this)
Baby's first potato cannon

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Eudi, I laughed out loud w


I laughed out loud when I read the matching bag bit. Heh. My 2-year old started laughing along with me, but she had no idea what it was all about. Smile

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Re: Hm.

Eudimorphodon wrote:
I like "Baby's First Colostomy", myself. It comes with a matching bag.


Think of the money he'd save on diapers! I'm saying nothing of the benefits to the environment. Smile

Let's not overlook the obvious:

- Baby's first tattoo
- Baby's first body piercing
- Baby's first hangover
- Baby's first bar brawl
- Baby's first job Blum 3
- Baby's first arraignment
..... On charges of murder
..... On charges of racketeering
..... On charges of money laundering
..... On charges of tax evasion
..... On charges of possession with intent to traffic

And, of course, none of the above gifts would be complete without:

- Baby's firsy IRS tax audit

Ah, the gifts that just keep on giving. Smile

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Baby's First....

Since our first born got a job this summer, my wife wondered where in the baby book do we mark down "Baby's First Drug Test"???

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