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Darkroom fun

I have recently bought a darkroom outfit, enlarger and all, from a friend of mine. I need to know if this kit is complete, and if not, what is missing:

GraLab timer
PolyContrast filters (most complete set)
Kodak bottle
Stop bath Jug
4x6 mask
safelight filter
Cotton gloves (wash)
Church keys
Enlarger and base
AutoEasel and instructions
Full-frame easels
Adjustable easel?
Print tongs, NIB
Paper safe
Print clips
8x10 trays
2 extra reels
3 metal tanks
2 safelights
Print washer
3 kodak trays
Enlarger extension tube
diffusion mask
8x10 mask
4x5 mask
reducer lens (for making locket-sized photos)
2 empty bottles
Book o' paper info
fixer instructions
stirring wand
darkroom databook
Staticmaster brush
210mm lens


Rapid fixer part A
Rapid Fixer, fixer B
Brown toner
Indicator stop bath
Photo flow
Farmer's reducer
5 packets d-76 (film)
Selectol developer (paper)
t-max developer film
Indicator stop bath
Sepia toner

Kodak Polycontrast RC-- 100N
Kodak 2x weight Panalure Portrait paper 100E
Kodak Portraitlure G 100
Polymax RC F-25
Kodak Ektalure 8x10 25
Afga multicontrast Fiber 25 8x10
Kodak pro polycontrast 3 rc 10 16x24
Kodak Polymax cd fiber 10 20x24
Kodak Ektalure R 10 16x20
Afga multicontrast Premium 10 16x20
Afga multicontrast RC 25 8x10

And stuff I don't need:


Honeywell voltage stabilizer
PolyContrast Filters (less complete sets)
Color filter set
film squeegee
4 steel tongs
Wratten gel filter
polycontrast acetate filters
Ansco "Ardol" paper dev.--2 cans
Acufine film dev-- 1 can
empty film cans
5 plastic tanks
Complete set of tanks--new in box
sheet film tank
Magna sight focuser
4 safelights
Spiratone timer
Labsix exposureometer
Paper neg sleeves
4 print tongs (bad)
rubber gloves (bad)
Kodak photographic notebook
dupont gel filters
Unicolor "jingle bell" timer
capcock development screens
Patterson texture screens ((??))

If anyone wants this stuff, let me know.

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Color or Black and White

Back in my high school days, I put together a dark room (black and white). Since there was a lot of competition for dark room time at school, I decided to build my own and essentially work from home. Looks like you have more than enough to do basic black and white work. Oh my, darkroom work was lots and lots of fun. I miss it. Sadly, my Nikkormat got stolen and my Minolta Maxxum 9000 gave up the ghost, so I ended up buying a Canon Digital Rebel. It works great, but somehow digital isn't as satisfying as in the dark room. When I need prints, I just take my PB to CVS and send the files to the Kodak Picturemaker via bluetooth. It's cool, but not as cool as dark room. Good luck man.

- iantm

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developing just prints?

With a few extra items, like a dark bag and a film develping cannister (unlees I missed these in your list), you can also develop your own negatives and even roll you own film from bulk. I highly recommend this as you may only need to roll for a five shot set, or may want to roll for around 40. Bulk film runs around $30 USD for 500 feet.

Developing your own may also be more cost effective and convenient. This may also be preferred if you plan to do some shots/sessions involving live subjects and nudes (not porno). Some labs have issues with developing these and just do not care if it is art or not, other labs, the tech may pull off a print or two for themself. If you are serious enough to set up such a well stocked lab, you should develop your own negatives.

...just my two cents.

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I'm a photo student, so I hav

I'm a photo student, so I have the equipment to develop my own roll film (35mm and medium format); and I think the chemicals are there as well. Incidentally, if anyone's interested, I have about 8 canisters of various sizes for sale...

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Man, reading through this thr

Man, reading through this thread really makes me miss the Ilfolab automatic print processor I got to use in college.

Developing B&W negs at home is cheap, easy and somewhat fun. You can buy everything you'll need (including bulk film) for less than $100.

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And here's the setup

From left, the paper safe, the gralab timer (the enlarger's out of view to the left, beside the bathtub)-- then the trays, developer, stop bath, fixer, and so forth...

The sink which is holding prints, there are the two safelights above, and to the far right are negatives (in binders) and a pack of Illford filters on top.

The enlarger itself makes *beautiful* prints, it's just a question of getting the focus and contrast right.

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