of AP MngmntTools & other MIA(s)

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of AP MngmntTools & other MIA(s)

So... I'm getting tight on the network, right?
I decide its time to start paying attention to what goes on on the Airport and get familiar with the logs.

I consult the PDF WARNING - Managing Airport Extreme Networks Manual and it makes clear mention of something called the Airport Management Utility, which allows you to view Airport logs. At first I was confusing it with the Airport Admin Utility, but quickly figured out that it was not the same thing at all (there is no "logs" pane in Airport Admin Utility, although you can activate logging with it). So I went to Apple's site and started searching for it. Nada. WTF?

I'm used to Apple's documentation being out of date, and utilities disappearing, but removing such important functionality is absurd. I keep looking... Version Tracker (my ol' stand by engine), nada. Then I read a post at MacSlash (I know... bunch of savages) that refers to "Airport Management Tools." So, apparently, the Management Utility was a part of that. I go back to Apple and search for that. Nada. Finally, a lucky google search finds something at MacUpdate (my backup engine... only because its often not as up to date as Version Tracker... and the Sherlock Channel for it is no longer working, apparently, and just not available... had Google not pointed to it, it was my next stop anyway, before Softpedia).

So... if you're interested... grab it before it disappears completely, here's the link for the download:
Apple AirPort Management Tool 1.0

The manual also tells you that you send base station logging to a machine on your network, and view the logs there. Its easy enough to set up using the Admin utility... but the manual is a bit ambiguous about where the logs go on the machine you point to.... If someone has this info... please speak up.

So... before opening the thread up to gripes about stuff gone missing, and generous posts about where rare stuff is, I have to say (like others before me) I really hope that, although Gamba himself seems to have disappeared, perhaps to pursue culinary ambitions :), and as there are threads from time to time here querrying his whereabouts, that the vital information he as accumulated does not... and that more kind souls take to mirroring his work before its too late (ahem... TOM... cough).

Also... I'm looking for something that has only recently disappeared; it was there earlier this year. If someone knows where I can get it... I'd be grateful. I used to have it... but lost it in a HD crash earlier this year (stupid bitch bastard Toshiba HDs!!). It is a pdf that describes in good detail how to install NetBSD 1.6.1 on an ANS with a RAID Card. I realize we're at 2.0.2 now, but the guide would still be an excellent reference. It used to be at kelvin.x.dtu.dk/ans/install/installing_NetBSD.pdf
but that's not there anymore, and you used to be able to get it at shiner.info, but the link's broken... and DAMN IT, looks like that's gone now too!! It's like I'm trapped in a friggin' Static Warp Bubble (Adelphia is my ISP, so that might very well be the case). At least there's still something at Google Cache.