WTB Monocular HMD

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WTB Monocular HMD

WTB Monocular Head Mounted Display

preferably with a standard video interface such as SVGA (a single fw400 for video and power would be ideal, dunno if they ever existed, dunno what sort of software would be necessary for that or if it would be Mac supported),
preferably see through, and (?) wearable on either eye, but with a left eye preference

... seems they disappeared before I knew they were commercially available...

Here are some examples
Shimadzu Data Glass 2/A----Olympus PC Eye-Trek Monoular

Anyone who wants to post information or links on Monocular HMDs is very welcome...

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http://www.stereo3d.com/3dhome.htm has some info, though they focus on 3D setups.

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