Identifying Memory Modules

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Identifying Memory Modules

Anybody know of a good source to help identify miscellaneous memory modules?

Over the years I've collected a couple of antistatic bags full of memory modules. I can remember where most of them came from, and some I have marked to show how much RAM they contain, but then this weekend I was gifted with a minor gold mine of RAM, most of which is not labeled in a way that would help me to figure out what kind of machine it belongs to.

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I generally search for the pa

I generally search for the part number of the module's chips until I can find some kind of result. Tiresome, tedious, boring, yes, but it [usually] gets the job done.

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Check the Chipmunk

You can check the Chipmunk . Its the best resource I've ever found.


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Easiest way is to plug them i

Easiest way is to plug them in. A good rule of thumb is that if they are physically large simms (e.g double height) they probably large density simms. This isn't always true though.

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A local computer store, espec

A local computer store, especially one that sells used parts, may have a standalone memory tester. If you ask/bribe them, they may be willing to let you use it. A computer store I worked at in high school had one of those units, and it came in quite handy. Just drop the module in, press the "test" button, and the tester will not only find out if the RAM is good but will also tell you its capacity and type. You could buy one, but I remember the store owners once telling me the unit we had cost something like $2k.

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