Clam Shell Airport

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Clam Shell Airport

I have a quection about airport on a clam shell. If I wanted to put airport in, is there a specific card I have to buy?


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Yep. An apple airport card.

Yep. An apple airport card.

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Some others but.......

There are others besides the Airport Card but they require hacking and don't look pretty. There are some on eBay called Fairport which are hacked up Sony cards or something. There is a thread here on Applefritter on it.

You are best off paying the price for the Airport card. After all... did you think anything from Apple is ever gonna be cheap ?

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FairPort card

Check eBay for a FairPort card. It's shaped just like the original AirPort and uses the AirPort software, and you can get a brand-new one for about $80 (instead of the $130 used price I'm seeing for the original AirPort).

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