HD20 Controller -- Top View

HD20 Inside -- Drive Removed

Inside of HD20 with Rodime drive removed.

Mac Plus Platinum Analog Board Photo

Analog Board, Component Side

Lisa 1982 Logic Board CPU Photo

Asante MacCon MC3NB 10Base 2 (Thinnet)

Asante MacCon MC3NB REV. B1 1991....with 10Base 2 connector
Edit: thanx for the information all

Matrox Millenium II PCI Front

This is my favourite videocard, from my favourite videocard manufactor. I'm using this card in my 6500/250 under OS 9.1 and 10.1, works perfectly and gives images of outstanding quality.

This card also has a VRAM add-on card wich gives the card a total of 8mb VRAM (without VRAM-add on it is 4mb or 6mb, depening on the model), the 'Millenium II' is also know as 'Mistral'.

Apple Ethernet CS II Twisted-Pair card Front

Apple UTP network card for in the Comm. Slot of 5400/5500/6400/6500 models, I use this card instead of an 10/100Mbps PCI based card becose all my PCI slots are in use. 10Mbps is not so bad, I don't need internet or NetBoot on this machine...

IxMicro Twin Turbo 128+ Front

An IxMicro Twin Turbo 128+ PCI videocard, which has, if I'm correct, 8mb video-RAM. This card can be found in 9500/9600 series and in Storm clones. I have this card in my 7200/90 to 'speed-up' the graphics a bit delivered by Yellow Dog Linux 4.0.1 which runs on this Mac, the green IBM chip on the videocard really fits nice with the green IBM chip's on the 7200-motherboard...

PowerExpress Manhattan: Motherboard Scan, Front

The PowerExpress Manhattan motherboard in all it's glory.


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