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Early Finder Prototype from Feb 1982

Finder prototype

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Clamshell iBook running Tiger (netbooted) in just 96MB RAM

I added a new HD to this Tangerine iBook (300 MHz G3) and was having trouble booting to my Mac OS 9 CD. Just for kicks, I tried netbooting it to reformat the HD before taking it apart again to check connections. When I saw its "About this Mac" window, I just had to share it with the 'Fritter.

Now remember, folks: Tiger requires 256MB RAM and built-in FireWire to install. Here we're running on a machine with 96MB RAM and no FireWire. I did not install XPostFacto or any other third-party "helper" program: just hooked the machine up to our network and held down "N" at boot.


Mac MiniNespresso Cube

So I decided all these hacks putting Mini's into old Mac boxes was a waste, when what they should be put into is a box that would really give back. Introducing the Mac MiniNespresso Cube. Steve Jobs would be proud (or have we forgotten the Cuisinart Mac?).


Introducing the 128GB MacPod

128GB video iPod, custom Classic Macintosh design, nostalgic signatures of the Macintosh development team, includes classic Apple "Alice: Through The Looking Glass" game by Steve Capps


the 2 SCSI ports


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