Nakamichi 5CD changer SCSI drive

%0 ppin SCSI drive (only takes a single bay!)


Hot Wheels Desktop Computer System

What the picture doesn't show are the flames on the sides of the computer and the monitor. Made by Patriot.


Steve Job's New Ride

One of the perks of being the CEO!


Applied Engineering QuadraLink -- backside

Here's the solder side of the QuadraLink. Not much to see.
[i]Note: the diagonal lines under the solder points are shadows. I couldn't figure out what that was, cuz it wasn't there when I looked at the card; this shot was taken with a ceiling light almost directly above.

Applied Engineering QuadraLink -- Business End

Here's a shot of the port panel of the QuadraLink.

Applied Engineering QuadraLink

Here's the front side of the QuadraLink card. It's a Nubus card with four serial ports.

My replica 1 system

My replica 1 at the Classic Computer And Gaming Show October 23,2004. Clear case was built to show the replica board, ASCII keyboard and PC power supply.


LEDs in the seats

Same lights different angle


Rare Apple II Card

my (hopefully rare) Apple II card. It is made by Practical Peripherals, and is known as a GraphiCard. The main chip, in the bottom right hand corner reads: GRAPHICARD REV. 1.10 (c) 1984. In the bottom left, it reads: Copyright 1983 All Rights Reserved.


My Compaq LTE Mini LCD Hack




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