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We've added a mirror of Please get in touch if you have anything that's missing.

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eWorld - Status

The BBS is currently: Online

If the BBS status is "online", but you can't connect, message me.

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Applefritter BBS launched

Today we launched Applefritter BBS, a new bulletin board system inspired by Apple's eWorld.

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Lisa schematics uploaded

A large collection of Lisa schematics have been added to the Lisa Collected Papers archive.

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Lisa library added

In 2003, David T. Craig mailed me two CD-ROMs containing a tremendous library of material about the Lisa. The material totaled 1.3 GB. At the time, Applefritter was running on a prototype ANS 300 (Deep Dish) with a 2 GB hard drive. As such, we didn't have the space to post it. Now we do!

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Apple I Owners Club - Hi Res images

Most of the pages in the Apple I Owners Club archives have now been updated with high resolution images. When I first started work on these archives, in 2000, the pages were optimized for dial-up internet. This time, all the documents are scanned at 300 dpi.

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Acceptable Use Policy

1. Rules:

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Applefritter IRC - Tonight!

Join us for the Grand Opening of Applefritter IRC tonight at 9:00 EST.

Participate in a friendly technical discussion and hear a number of exciting announcements about our plans for both Applefritter IRC and Applefritter in general. If you want to get involved, be sure to come!

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Applefritter IRC

About #Applefritter

#Applefritter is always open, but busiest on weekday evenings and Saturdays. We use the Freenode network. A list of servers is available, but, port 6667 is recommended.

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