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My hands slid into his housecoat and cupped the slight man-boobs beneath. I massaged them roughly, flicking my thumb over the hardened nipples, still holding him in thrall with my deep kiss. One of my hands pulled free of the housecoat and slid down to the waist, giving a little squeeze. I used my body weight to turn us both toward the sofa. Greg positioned himself to kneel facing the back of the couch, his hands pressing against the wall above it. He was braced for me. I fiercely enjoyed seeing him like this, ready for me to mount him. I was clumsy drunk, but I was able to use my hands to grab the lower folds of his housecoat and fold them up over his back, exposing Greg's bare ass. My erection twitched as it touched the bare skin of his ass for a moment, leaving a droplet of my glistening pre-cum. I gazed with appreciation on the ass I had been coveting. The asshole was still dilated and fully lubed from Greg's session with Fritz. "Hurry," Greg said. I pushed myself into Greg's ass with a grunt of pure satisfaction. In moments, Greg was grunting in unison with me. I was young and given over to my lust for this older man and I'm afraid I gave little thought to his pleasure as I pounded my way to glory. This was particularly unfair because I suspected that Fritz went to little trouble to ensure Greg's satisfaction. As it turned out though, I needn't have worried. Greg's grunts began to take on the sound of ecstasy with my own, and after only about a minute of hard, dirty sex, we were both coming. My pulsing cock was gripped in the matching convulsions of his ass. The pleasure was so intense I might easily have failed to notice the squeal of joy that escaped Greg's lips. But Fritz noticed. The sound of bedroom door opening was followed by Fritz's voice. "Are you alright, Nina http://www.bigbootytube.xxx/ ?" We pulled away from each other and the mingled juices of our joining erupted from Greg's arse. "I'm fine, Fritz..." Greg said quickly. "I just... made a little mess, and our boarder is helping me to clean it up... I'll be right up." Greg knew his husband well enough to know that he would not come down to help him clean up a mess. Fritz was satisfied with the answer and closed the door. "See the little mess you made," he said, now standing to face me. There he was, a man in his fifties with his robe hanging open, showing a sagging dad-bod and a stiff six-incher. His ass oozed with the semen of two men; the liquid ran down the inside of Greg's legs. He wagged a finger at me as if I were just a naughty child. Obviously, he wasn't planning to charge me with rape. But the look in his eyes told me that he did have plans for me. I was still rock-hard in the presence of the older man I'd so long coveted. He reached out and grabbed the head of my cock and pulled me against him for a long, wet kiss. He gave me another little pull and said, "I'll still be back to see you later." He went over to the counter and grabbed the wine glasses and with another wink and skipped up the stairs to his husband's bed. I didn't know then that I was beginning an affair that would last many years and lead to some of the best, if sneakiest, sex of my life..


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