Ventless Rev 0 Apple II

Woz designed the Apple II, but Steve Jobs clearly had a hand in designing the case. His obsession with design and hatred of fans dates back to the very beginning. No computer in the Apple II line had a fan. The very first didn't even have vents.

Due to issues with overheating, this design was soon modifed to have vents. Early buyers had the option of upgrading to the vented case, and many did. Others, such as the owner of the computer pictured below, added fans.

These are some of the best photos I've ever seen of a ventless, Revision 0 Apple II. Thank you to hamandhifi for giving me permission to share them. This computer sold on 5/30/19 for $11,236.90. 

There is a discussion of the computer here: Apple II rev.0 serial A2S1-0203 up for auction


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The Largest and Smallest Hard Drives Ever Made

This is a 4 MB hard disk platter from 1961:


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gsmcten has passed away

I'm sad to announce that Steven Morgan (gsmcten) has passed away. He was a helpful, kind, and knowledgable member of our community. I'll miss seeing his posts in our forums.


Like others here, I was concerned about Steven after he stopped posting, following an illness. About three weeks ago, I tracked down Steven's number and left him a voicemail. I regret that I didn't follow up. Thank you to George for sending me his obituary.


Steven L. Morgan, 65, of Severn, MD, passed away on Sunday, September 23, 2018, at Cadia Healthcare in Annapolis, MD, from complications due to lung cancer.

He was the son of David “Whitey” Morgan and Gloria A. (Hawker) Morgan of Frederick and Annapolis, MD.


Steve served 23 years in the U.S. Navy and after retiring worked as a Technical Writer. He had a great love for music, science fiction and building WWII models. He also collected baseball cards and Apple computers.

He is survived by his sister, Robin, and her husband, Robert Vanskiver of Glen Burnie, MD, as well as numerous cousins. Internment will be private.


In lieu of cards of flowers, please make a donation to Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center, 750 E. Pratt St., Ste. 1700, Baltimore, MD 21202 with a memo indicating that this is a gift in memory of Steve.


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