A few simple checks using an oscilloscope can reduce the number of suspect IC(s) in an Apple-1 to a few, which then can be swapped against (hopefully) good ones. Key is the isolation of subsystems (such as the DRAM) which can interfere with the proper execution of diagnostics in PROM. This approach works best with diagnostics firmware in PROM which does not need any functional RAM in the machine.


Getting your Apple II VGA Card up and running: Ralle Palaveev version

The Ralle Palaveev VGA card is an extension of the Apple II Vga project by Mark Aikens. A few versions of this project exist, but this post is focusing on the Ralle Palaveev version, which has a lot of capabilities (and the added complexity that goes along with them).

DAN ][ THE FUTURE: Boosting your favourite 80s machine to "8.59 jigobytes"

Imagine in 1980-something you started your Apple ][, /// or //e - and you had 8 gigabytes of storage... Mind blowing?

Well, if you have a DAN][ Controller card, you can now easily boost your 1980s machine to 8GB. In decimal numbers, the maximum usable storage now supported by the DAN][ Contoller is actually 8.59GB. That would certainly have spooked Doc Emmett Brown in 1985 - though he'd have pronounced it "8.59 jigobytes", of course... But no need to accelerate to "88 miles per hour". All it takes is a simple firmware update.


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