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This blogpost is a partial-transcript of a discussion from Apple2Infinitum on Slack, which was spawned from an even older Facebook thread.  Since it isn't easy to view the old discussions on Slack and Facebook, I've copy-pasted the messages, pictures, and code blocks below...


Scott Elliott Sep 3rd 11:29:17 AM


Nibble Histogram: the seeds of a disk-o-scope

What is the distribution of raw nibble values of the bitstream a Disk ][ controller would read from an ordinary DOS diskette?

What values would arise from a copy-protected game disk?  Or from a .DSK emulation of a diskette?

This little routine captures incoming nibbles and computes a moving-window histogram of their distribution.  The data usually stablizes after about 8 calls because it applies a base-2 logarithmic decay to the values after each iteration.


Voyager is the name of my principle laptop. The purpose of this blog is to document my configuration for reference and troubleshooting purposes.


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