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How to: DIY 6x game connector switchbox

Instructions on how to build a switchbox that plugs in the Apple II game connector to allow up to 6 different devices to be attached without needing any unplugging. LEDs light up to indicate which one is in use.

How to: DIY changing the APPLE ][ title

Instructions on how to change the familiar APPLE ][ title (when powering up the computer) to something else, and permanently storing it into an EPROM. Applies first of all to the Apple II+, but might work for other models as well.

How to: DIY 40/80 column auto softswitch

Build an automatic electronic switch so you don't have to manually switch (or unplug cables) whenever going from 40 column to 80 column mode (or vice versa) with an 80-column card (Videx Videoterm etc.).



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