Happy Ubuntu server...Yatta!

Pleased as punch, that's me.

I've successfully set up an Ubuntu server on an older Dell box.

I've used the fantastic instructions Here (Thanks, Jon Peck!)

Its Official, I've Switched

So I got this Macbook Pro for my birthday, on the 13th of January. Previously, I'd been using primarily Windows XP and OS 9 on my Powerbook 1400.
After using OS X Tiger for two weeks, I've really gotten used to it, and now XP really bugs the $@*& out of me. I've traded Trillian for iChat, Firefox for Safari, and surprisingly, at least to me, most other apps I've gotten used to seem even BETTER on the mac side.

All in all, I'm very glad I asked for a Mac, and not another PC for my birthday.

I like this site!

I'm a Linux guy familiar with PCs. Not very familiar with Macs but I've been around long enuf that my first computer was a TSR80, then an Apple //c, then an IBM PC XT. Recently I got a Performa 5200CD and also an 8 serial port Digiboard for the NuBus. The card don't go into the Performa. Not sure what to do with it now. But I'd like to use it for something. I've just ordered a book to get me familiar with the Mac hardware.

I love cable broadband.

It's fast.

Another error in Automator no one else has had

The error is logged to the Console, while running an Automator action "Add Watermark".

"WaterView: unable to create image source from " and then the URI to the image.

This was because I had moved the .jpg that it was looking for. However you have to have the console open to see this error. This is not handled properly.

I got a MacBook Pro!

2.16GHz Core Duo, 1 gig RAM, 128MB VRAM, 120 gig HD.

This is by far the most powerful and expensive computer I have ever used. It is the only computer I have ever gotten new. It is also my very first OS X machine.

All in all, I'm loving it.

Apple AUX project

First a little history. Apple came out with their version of UNIX, called A/UX, in 1988. A/UX was based on AT&T UNIX System V and BSD4.2/4.3, with a wide spectrum of features (STREAMS, TCP/IP, FFS, job control, NFS with YP, SCCS, printing, X Window Sys and so on). A/UX 3.x was a combination of the above mentioned Unix features with System 7 for the Macintosh, with the Finder and other Mac applications running under A/UX. The last version of A/UX, 3.1.1, was released in 1995.

The Apple II Project

This is an ongoing tale of the attempt to build some killer IIe and IIgs and IIc systems.

So far:

Obtained two IIe systems - bare units
Two IIGS systems
One IIC system

Got a Commodore RGB color monitor a Zenith RGB green/amber monitor, a Apple II and Apple III composite monitor and the little IIC composite green monitor.

Bought a whole skid of apple stuff - drives, cards, cables, software, magazines etc. Now sorting through it and researching to come up with a plan of what should go in the machines.

So far looking at putting in the:

XP on the Macbook

Downloaded and installed Boot Camp for the mac. Burnt a cd of xp drivers for the mac and created a 15 gig partition. Installed xp w sp/2 and it works quite well. Haven't installed vmware workstation yet but it should work fine which means i can be running linux on windows on a mac...

My small labtec usb travel mouse was a bit jumpy so need to find another one. Could not get msn to work with isight but then i don't like messenger anyway.

OSX on Wallstreet

Wiped 9.2 off the wallstreet which is a 292mhz G3 laptop with 192mb ram and an 8gig hd. Installed OSX 10.2 and it runs reasonably well but it needs to be tweaked.

First is to turn off all effects. Then download Shadowkiller to remove the shadow effects from the gui. Next is to remove transparancy using Duality. Finally i need to fix the X server to set the ATI Rage LT into accelerated mode. Then we see how fast it runs.


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