new toy: eeepc

I had been posting before about buying an OLPC, but once I figured out what I was looking for in a sub-notebook/PDA, it looked more and more like the Asus eeepc was what I wanted.

Had a bit of Christmas money left, so I'm now posting from my new 2G Surf version.

First thoughts: cool. Small. Cool.

The keyboard will take some getting used to. It, too, is very small.

Haven't decided whether to keep the Xandros default install or go for Ubuntu (there's an optimised version for the eee pc) or XP.

What to keep?

I have several II's and not enough room to keep them all. A pair of IIe enhanced, a plain IIe, and even a II+, all of which work. Also some spare plain IIe mb's, unknown functionality. Ditch the plus, b/c I can sustain my IIe population? Or the IIe's, b/c they rely on custom soldered in chips?

Back Online

After a while with no internet, I'm glad to be back.

I've finally got my first computer job!

The Macintosh Portable

Took delivery of a skidload of apple stuff just before xmas as i knew i would have some time then. Fixed up the imacs and B & W's to dispose off and broke up most of the other stuff into the parts bins. Did get some nice old bits, including some machines i have not owned before like an 8550 (appleshare file server) an 8500 MP, a 5300 and two 3400 powerbooks, which should prove interesting. Also some G3 400 cpus so the beige G3 and the all in one G3 can get a speed boost. Quite liking the AIO machine.

Connie, my 8600 PM

Connie, as I have lovingly named my 8600 PM, has a few upgrades. Because I can (my mantra), I am documenting in this blog, what has been done and what is planned or in process.

**This post is a work in progress and is being updated as I record correct specs and change hardware.**

My Apple Tale.

My story is a long one, but it aptly describes my life with Mac's. It is a tale of happiness, betrayal, sadness, *looks behind self* (does that sound good?...I guess so...whatever) *faces keyboard* Anyways... My tale begins long ago in the far away year of 1993. I was only 5 years old at the time. I was living in the carefree, yet idiotic years of my youth. I was over at my grandmother and grandfather's house. They finally felt that I was old enough to go into the spare room that they had in their house.

Personal Venture in the Forum Industry

Oh the woes of running a forum...


g3 all in one

The zbox project

The zbox project - a small form factor games box for the family room


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