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First sign of life in over 25 years from my Apple ][e

So the replacement caps arrived today.  It turned out that while one of the tantalum capacitors on the main board had failed short, some actually seemed ok.  However I replaced the lot as a couple more had odd readings and there are only 9 of them anyway.  Powering the board up I actually got some output, though it's garbage with a flashing cursor a 3rd of the way down the screen.  Still, not at all bad for a computer that has sat idle for 25 years.  I'm thinking a short on the data or address bus, or maybe a faulty ram chip.

The resurrection of my Apple ][e

Around 25 yeasr ago (maybe longer) I turned my Apple ][e on and instead of booting I got nothing out of it.  I had a spare power supply so I swaped them over but to no avail.  I put the machine asside to repair and...


OMG Don't Do It

Can't believe that I come back here after all this time, and check this blog, and the One Thing on it -- an ominous foreshadowing of a day I've come to regret, the day I offloaded most of my 8 bit collection. "To make space". Omg, don't let this happen to you. Find an attic, a basement, a relative's closet, idk, find someplace, but don't abandon your 8 bit stuff just to "make space".  Bcz like as not, other stuff will just move into that space in short order, and you'll want to go boot up something like it's 1979 again, and then you'll realize your Mistake. (more after break)



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