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How to: DIY 40/80 column auto softswitch

Build an automatic electronic switch so you don't have to manually switch (or unplug cables) whenever going from 40 column to 80 column mode (or vice versa) with an 80-column card (Videx Videoterm etc.).


How to: DIY keyboard beeper circuit

Build a small circuit board which plugs into the Apple II motherboard to emit an electronic beep every time you press a key through its built-in piezo sounder. It also contains a switch for turning it off should you decide against it at some stage.




The Apple IIGS System Software 6.0 Golden Master 3 Release—March 5, 1992 contains for the most part old format Microsoft Word files, when manyof these files are loaded into a modern version of MS Word alot of thefiles are a chaotic mess, as Steve Jobs would say: total crap!


I currently converting all these files from this MS Word to modern PDF format using Adobe InDesign. The documents will be made using Apple Garamond for an authentic look, a TOC that actually works, in the end alot easier to view and print.



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