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Personal Information

Hi, I dare say many of you people out there would have heard the name, at least once a year, if not due to my research in the Version B imac GLOD resolutions, thankfully now history.

Many of your probably want to know what 's occuring, well, I am still Apple nuts, and still run a faithfull old G3 on OS 9.

NEw Toy

I have a new toy to play with. Yay! I got a vintage Apple Color Classic. I plugged it in, turned it on, and pressed the power key. It seems to work (kind of). I got a musical tone, and the screen up, but all it shows is plain white with a mouse curser. I can move the curser, but have no menu or icons. Not sure what's up with it. Hopefully I can a few leads on what to check and what to do. Anyways, should be interesting.

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