Powermac 8500/120 G3 Upgrade

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Powermac 8500/120 G3 Upgrade

I bought a Mach Carrier G3 upgrade card from Xlr8 and successfully fitted it into the mac. However the clock speeds that are given on the company website are different from those that Apple System profiler and Norten System Info. THe other thing is that Apple system Profiler and Norton show different clock speeds (i.e. Apple System Profiler 326Mhz and Norton 195Mhz). Is this normal or is there anything wrong??


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As far as I know

It seems to be normal that the clock speeds don't match. I have a FrankenMac with a 180mhz 604e daughtercard in it, and it's reported as 185mhz. While not as extreme as your case, apparently it's normal.

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