TrackPad Issues on iBook G3

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TrackPad Issues on iBook G3

Ok. Here's the scoop. I am having trouble with the trackpad on my iBook. Now, before everyone says "Take that second finger off the mouse." lemme explain some stuff. For 1, here's the specifications on my iBook:

Apple (2001) iBook G3 500Mhtz PowerPC G3 12"
128MB Built-in Ram, Additional 256MB Ram later added.
9.36GB HD
Combo Drive
Airport Extreme Card

The cursor started going crazy one day, and hasn't stop sence. Sence then I have used an old HP USB mouse I had laying around. After doing some of the craziest stuff, I have determined that my problem is..... static electricity.

I know this, because I can control the cursor by hovering my finger over an inch above the track pad.

Before you start throwing suggestions at me, here's what I have done so far:

1) Reset the PMU
2) Disconnected the battery and AC adaptor for 24 hours, and reset the PMU.
3) Checked the connection from the trackpad to the motherboard.
4) Started the computer in command line mode, and reset all devices.

None have worked.

Does anyone know of a way to safely discharge the iBook? This is driving me crazy. I can't take my iBook anywhere without that bulky USB mouse taging along. Please help.

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Have you cleaned the trackpad

Have you cleaned the trackpad? Has it ever had anything spilled on it?

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Yes, I forgot to mention that I bought iKlear from Apple. Though it did not help my track pad issue, it did make my iBook and iPod Mini nice and shiney.

And no, nothing has been spilt on it. At least not that I know of. Maybe I need to tell you something else.

This computer is littereally a hand-me-down. My Brother-in-law bought it 4 years ago. After he upgraded the ram, he bought a 800Mhtz G4 and gave this to my sister (his wife). The, just about 8 months ago, he bought a 1 Ghtz G4, gave his 800Mhtz to my sis, and I got this 500Mhtz for christmas. This computer WAS in a car flip-over 3 years ago, though nothing was damaged. ( Good ol Apple )

I never spilt anything on this, and My brother-in-law is very careful with computers.

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