upload of MacTestPro to my personal server

the link will be (Link Removed)

If it doesn't work, PM me.

What this is:

this is a utility for any computer that boots to OS 9 to check things like pixels, and to check general hardware. I got it in my last iBook that apple sent back to me after they repaired it. I am hosting it on my own site so if something happens, it will be my problem if someone has a beef about it. Let me know. Give the file about 30 mins to upload from this post. I kinda have a slow connection


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feel free to download

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AFAIK, zip files don't keep the resource forks so depending on what your .zip contains it may be totally useless once unzipped. OTOH, .sit files always play nice with anything Mac, so they remain the best choice. Also, if stuffing, you might want to consider using StuffIt v4 or earlier, old Macs may not be able to use Expander v5 and later, rendering the archive inaccessable for their users.

And . . . err, I hate to even mention this (as I'm all for spreading the joy as far as possible) . . . a certain fruity 'puter maker that we all know and love can get very pissy about posting their proprietary s1r v1ce tules online. Blum 3 Ye might want to be rather more cryptic with your file description so's da Man don't come down on ye (or da Man's legal team at any rate.)

Still, I'm glad you've posted it - I know how useful a tool it is. Acute

Edit: just DLed it - you've done well my friend, it appears to be whole and complete and intact. You might want to mention it's only for G3 iBook (Opaque 16 VRAM), iBook (32 VRAM) and iBook (14.1 LCD 32 VRAM) (Version 7.4, December 2002), and isn't useful for any other Mac models.

dan k

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several types. plus, i have used it on an imac 400 and my AIO 458
It should work with the G4's that boot to OS 9

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im getting great download speed's. in th 120KB/sec - 160KB/sec range. BTW is this the full cd or just some files. is all screwed up for me all i get are folders and in those folders are the same files in each folser.

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I will check and see if something went wrong. One of them should be for OS 9 burning, and one for OS X. I decided it would be best for people to burn it in the OS of their choice

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I got an ISO (pc) image in there. It's for people who don't have access to a mac to burn it

If Anyone wants an OS 9 compatible image, I could make that and upload it

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From the AUP

Discussion of Apple rumors is forbidden, as are links to bootlegged software, even if the software is no longer available for purchase.

Coius, you post around here enough, you know better than to post a link to Apple tech software. Posting disabled on your account for a week.